A checklist for exiting your rental

Whether you’re moving into your forever home, shifting interstate or simply relocating to a new rental, ending a rental agreement and exiting a property takes preparation.

There’s notice to give, removalists to book, cleaning to be undertake, utilities accounts to change and more…

With that in mind, here’s a quick checklist for exiting your rental.

Required notice

If you intend not to renew a rental agreement or exit an existing agreement, notice is required.

How far in advance you need to provide this notice varies depending on your state and territory and also whether you are breaking an agreement or simply choosing to vacate at the end of an existing agreement.

However, either way, this notice must be given in the required timeframe and it must be provided to your property manager in writing.

Getting ready to move

Even if you’ve only lived in a rental property for a short period of time, it’s surprising how swiftly you can accumulate personal items, such as furniture, electrical appliances, children’s toys and general homewares.

At least a month before departing, take the time to start paring back the items that you intend to take with you.

That way there’s ample time to get rid of extraneous items, throw out unwanted goods, host a garage sale or even give them to charity.

The less you have to pack, the easier and less expensive the moving process is. Then, when you have an idea of how much will need to be shifted, book a removalist or make arrangements to transport your possessions to your new home.


Once you know the date you intend to exit the rental, ensure you contact your utility provider to let them know you will no longer live at that address.

Your designated provider will organise a final reading of the electricity meter, disconnect the services and finalise any accounts.

If you’re relocating elsewhere, you can also organise your phone, internet, electricity and gas to be connected at your new premises on the same date.

On that note, if the existing rental property has a gas oven or hot water system that relies on gas bottles, don’t forget to have the bottles replaced or topped up prior to departure.

Cleaning the rental  

When it comes to exiting a property, the aim of the game is to ensure you return it to the same conditions it was in when you arrived.

That means the interior should be clean and tidy, all light fittings should be working, and all fans should be clean.

Any damage also needs to be repaired, even it’s minor. Meanwhile, all cupboards should be wiped out, all walls should be free of marks, and all windows should also be clean.

As a tip, pay particular attention to the bathrooms and kitchen, ensuring the oven is thoroughly cleaned, along with all cupboards.

In many instances carpets will also need to be dry-cleaned on exit, while tiles and wooden floors should be swept and mopped.

You can opt to undertake this cleaning yourself or engage a professional cleaner for an end of agreement clean (also known as a bond clean).

In the garden

It pays to turn your attention to the garden well in advance of move-out date, and again the idea is to leave the garden as you found it.

All garden areas should be weed-free, the lawn should be mown, and paved or outdoor areas should be swept and free of debris.

The final inspection

On the day you exit the rental you will need to return all of the property’s keys to your property manager by a set time.

In the immediate days afterwards, your property manager will conduct a final inspection of the property to ensure it has been thoroughly cleaned and returned to its original condition.

Once they are satisfied it meets their standards, the property manager will organise the release of your rental bond.

How we can help

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